21 July 2009

The American Apparel Dream.

I never really 'got' american apparel till just now. I keep seeing all the little adverts, with models clad in 'little' (what i would consider to be) leotards! Its definitly not a look i would go for but a little bit of me secretly envys how anyone could find the confidence to pull of such a look! Having firstly gotten over my shock, i remembered some girls from my class at uni shot an american apparel inspired photoshoot for a recent branding project and having relooked at the pictures they took I have realised that they are just completely spot on and scarily professional (considering my own inability to take photographs) ! Im sure they wont mind me posting these pictures as they are lovely girlies which you will see from the pics!!! A* for attitude!


  1. Oh Em Gee! You are so right! These pictures are scarily amazing and really professional! I am actually trying to perfect my picture taking and thinking out of the box when it comes to picture taking. I don't want to take the standard picture...I want to take an unusual photograph. Your fashion university sounds like a bomb of a time! You are the reason that I keep thinking twice about what I want to do in university.
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  2. ahh i do love uni, its hard work but so rewarding!! Im sooooo bad behind a camera though, i just panic and click! well i guess im not awful, im fine taking pictures of 'things' just not of people! which i hopefully will perfect over the next year! what are you hoping to do at uni?


  3. These are great photos! I'm trying to get American Apparel myself :)