13 July 2009

Dream a Little Dream

Today has been absolutely hectic! Ive been wanting to get my bedroom decorated for a while because when i moved back home for university i ended up back in the little box room. My brother moved into mine but ill forgive him because my mum said i could do whatever i wanted to the little room. The pictures above are the look I am going for! Ive been decorating all weekend and i even managaed to get a few hours of painting in this morning before work. When i got home from work i was so suprised as my mum and her boyfriend spent the 6 hours i was gone wallpapering and painting so my room is nearly finished, im so excited it looks great!! I'll post up some pics when ive got all of the accessories in but here is a sneaky peak at what beauties i found! I will definitly be having sweet dreams when its finished!


  1. Oh Em Gee!! I love the idea of decorating a room! I love your inspiration for the room and I love the look your aiming for! I wish you good luck in accomplishing the decoration of your room! I really can't wait to see the pictures of the end result. Thanks for the comment. I really really really appreciate it!
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  2. Loving the styles you've chosen. I adore the mirror! Always wanted one like that!

  3. I love the top room :)
    I'm glad I checked out your blog