2 July 2009

Daytime Denim

Since starting this blog I have been addicted to reading other blogs, there are so many amazing ones out there that they completley put mine to shame! It also makes me realise how much inspiration comes not just from the catwalk but from real, everyday people!

Having just got back from holiday I was at a loss on how to style my denim shorts without looking too casual so I went off in search of some inspiration and found these beautiful looks!

I love 1. the shoes 2. the scaloped jacket 3. her lovely locks

Rocking some vintage levis denims I think this look screams hippy chic!

All of these looks come from http://lookbook.nu/


  1. I really like the styling too. I love the lacey cardigan.
    Would you like to exchange blog links? I'll add yours to mine now.


  2. oo your blog is lovely! i have added you to my roll, pride of place in my link list! thanks chick x

  3. Love the jacket in the top pic. Thanks for the lovely comment too. It's always nice to hear from you readers. I've looked through yours and I love it, might have to become a follower. Keep up the good work.